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松鼠scrat 3D打印剃须刀

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一款好的产品,将会为使用者打开适应世界变化的全新通道。2020年第七届法国INNODESIGN PRIZE大赛作为“探索创新设计,引领行业边界”国际设计大赛,以探讨设计如何在多元化发展中实现多学科融合与交叉的设计趋势在各大行业领域引起广泛关注,只为重新定义当下时代的好设计,发现那些凝结时代情感和潮流的好创新。A good product will open a new channel for users to adapt to the changes of the world. In 2020, the 7th French innodesign prize competition is "exploring innovative design, leading the industry boundary"; International design competition, to explore how to achieve the design trend of multi-disciplinary integration and cross in the diversified development of design, has aroused widespread concern in various industries, only to redefine the good design of the current era, and find those good innovations that condense the emotion and trend of the times.

在刚刚公布的2020第七届法国INNODESIGN PRIZE国际创新设计大赛工业设计类获奖名单中我们看到了一款很有新意的产品。今天我们有幸采访到了这款手动剃须刀的主案设计师爱游戏-ayx爱游戏体育 scrat松鼠3D打印实验室贾小卜,下面请贾小卜和大家一起来聊一聊这款剃须刀背后的设计故事。In the award-winning list of industrial design category of the 7th French innodesign prize international innovation design competition in 2020 just announced, we see a very innovative product. Today, we have the honor to interview Jia Xiaobu, the main designer of this manual razor. Now let's talk about the design story behind this razor.

Q:2020魔幻开年,疫情当下,给了您怎样的新思路?Q: The magic new year 2020, the current epidemic situation, give you what kind of new ideas?

A:2020年是特别的一年,疫情打乱了我们更多对未来的期待,但无论如何这都是我们曾经畅想的未来。记得20年时,我刚好读小学,老师让我们以未来为题画一幅画,我在纸上画满了高楼大厦,空中交通飞机,海里的汽车以以及所有的畅想;然而二十年后我已经不再是当年的少年,这个世界也并没有那么的充满“未来感”甚至还有一丝丝乏味,这不应该是属于我们的20年。A: 2020 is a special year. The epidemic has disturbed our expectations for the future, but in any case, this is the future we once imagined. I remember 20 years ago, when I was in primary school, my teacher asked us to draw a picture on the topic of the future. I painted all the tall buildings, air traffic, airplanes, cars in the sea and all my imagination on the paper. However, after 20 years, I was no longer the teenager of that year, and the world was not so full of "sense of future"; There's even a little bit of boredom, which shouldn't be our 20 years.

Q:那么,请问您为什么选择手动剃须刀这个品类进行设计呢?Q: So, why do you choose the category of manual razor for design?

A:其实我们身边有很多类别的产品需要有新的突破,手动剃须刀就是典型的这样的行业,用户在市场上很难有更多选择,而真正的用户体验层次不齐,受到电动剃须刀的挤压,手动剃须刀市场份额在不断减小。比如我就是手动剃须刀用户,然而不管是出差和家用都没有太多的选择,所以我们决心做一把不一样的剃须刀出来,改变这个现状。A: In fact, there are many types of products around us that need to make new breakthroughs. Manual razor is a typical industry like this. It is difficult for users to have more choices in the market. However, the level of real user experience is uneven. Due to the squeeze of electric razor, the market share of manual razor is decreasing. For example, I am a user of manual razor. However, there are not many choices for business trip and home use, so we are determined to make a different razor to change the status quo.

Q:非常棒的产品设计,能请您聊聊是怎么样的灵感来源吗?Q: Great product design, can you talk about the source of inspiration?

A:其实我们设计了多个方案,而这款方案名字叫BONE,就是骨骼的意思,力量和肌肉是男性的代表,作为一款男性手动剃须刀,它最初的灵感来自于肌肉与骨骼的穿插,设计师通过抽象和阵列骨骼单元把生物与生俱来的形态美发挥到淋漓尽致,同时阵列的单元与手指关节相互呼应,握感也会更加舒适。镂空式的手柄设计不仅仅带来外观的全新体验,也让产品更加轻便,舒适;重量适中,拿在手里既有手感,又不觉得沉;通过变换手腕的角度轻松剃须。A: In fact, we have designed a number of schemes, and the name of this scheme is bone, which means that strength and muscle are the representatives of men. As a male manual razor, its original inspiration comes from the interpenetration of muscle and bone. Through abstracting and arraying bone units, the designer can fully display the inherent beauty of biology, and the arrayed units and fingers Joints echo each other, and grip will be more comfortable. The hollow handle design not only brings a new experience of appearance, but also makes the product lighter and more comfortable. It has moderate weight, and can be held in the hand without feeling heavy. It can easily shave by changing the angle of the wrist.

Q:请问您倒立墙面放置有哪些创新的考虑吗?Q: What innovative considerations do you have for the placement of inverted walls?

A:我们相信好的设计一定是外观和功能相互上统一的,它的底座既可以桌面放置使用,也可以倒立悬挂使用,因为我们在底座的xy轴方向各置了一组磁铁,这样用户在日常使用中可以轻松放置,倒立的放置有利于让剃须刀排水保持干燥卫生,在卫生间狭小的环境里墙面放置不失为一个更好的选择。A: We believe that a good design must have a unified appearance and function. Its base can be placed on the desktop or hung upside down, because we have set a group of magnets in the XY direction of the base, so that users can easily place them in daily use. The upside down placement is conducive to keep the razor dry and sanitary in the narrow environment of the bathroom Face placement is a better choice.

Q:请问这款产品在设计过程中遇到哪些挑战呢?Q: What are the challenges in the design of this product?

A:由于把手镂空的造型,所以跌落实验做很多次都不过,我们淘汰了80%的自研材料,不断在已有韧性材料的基础上做升级,每一次都放大十倍观察裂纹。加支撑,数据切片,光固化制造,支撑分离,静置,烘烤,打磨,镀染,喷漆,转印,产线筛选良品,组装。每一道工序度必须一分不少做完,后续步骤才能进行。众所周知,3D打印行业目前处于机遇与挑战并存的时期,一方面成本较高,另一方面打印良品率偏低,精度不高。但如今通过我们的研发都解决了这个些问题,并开始在批量产品端的应用,这是一次伟大的尝试。A: Because of the hollow out shape of the handle, the drop experiment can't be done many times. We eliminated 80% of the self-developed materials, and constantly upgraded on the basis of the existing ductile materials. Each time, we magnified 10 times to observe the cracks. Support, data slicing, light curing manufacturing, support separation, standing, baking, grinding, plating and dyeing, painting, transfer printing, production line screening, assembly. Each process must be completed in a lot of minutes before the subsequent steps can be carried out. As we all know, 3D printing industry is in the period of opportunities and challenges. On the one hand, the cost is high, on the other hand, the yield rate of printing is low, and the accuracy is not high. But now we have solved these problems through our research and development, and began to apply in the batch product end, which is a great attempt.

Q:对于这款产品您还有哪些创新点可以与我们分享呢?Q: What innovations can you share with us about this product?

A:关于刀头安装与使用的创新,也是这款设计的一个设计点;刀头的俯仰角是衡量手动剃须刀是否好用的一个重要标准,刀头通过与刀柄的连接件设计,让整个产品更加简单实用,简化刀头装配工序的同时还保证了刀头的使用体验和安全性,极大提高了生产的效率。A: The innovation of the installation and use of the cutter head is also a design point of this design. The pitch angle of the cutter head is an important standard to measure whether the manual shaver is easy to use. The design of the connector between the cutter head and the handle makes the whole product more simple and practical, simplifies the assembly process of the cutter head, ensures the use experience and safety of the cutter head, and greatly improves the production efficiency.

Q:那接下来SCRAT3D还会为我们带来哪些新的3D设计产品呢?Q: What new 3D design products will scrat3d bring us next?

A:大家都知道松鼠(scrat)3D实验室聚焦3D打印产品创新领域,对于未来的产品研发计划,我们可能不仅仅局限于塑料,可以尝试金属,不同的CMF选择将为产品带来全新的体验,同时也不仅仅局限于鞋子,个护等品类。我们会向更有挑战的行业出发,努力不负众望。A: As we all know, the squirrel 3D lab focuses on the innovation field of 3D printing products. For the future product R & D plan, we may not only be limited to plastics, but also try metals. Different CMF choices will bring a new experience to products, and not limited to shoes, personal care and other categories. We will set out for more challenging industries and strive to live up to expectations.

爱游戏-ayx爱游戏体育 SCRAT3D实验室设计的3D打印剃须刀继获得法国INNO设计奖后,又相继获得台湾金点设计奖、韩国K-DESIGN设计奖、CMF设计奖等等。After winning the inno Design Award in France, the 3D printing razor designed by scrat3d laboratory has won the Golden Point Design Award in Taiwan, K-Design award in Korea, CMF Design Award and so on.